Jen’s Journal – February 3, 2020

Day 219: Selma St, Mobile, AL

Sunny and warm.

Mobile is not too large a city, so by today we were looking at more things to do in the region. We drove south to Bayou La Batre, “The Seafood Capital of Alabama.” It is a tiny town with lots of fishing boats, boat building, and seafood processing businesses.

We had a lunch of crab claws near Bayou La Batre at a favorite local restaurant, Lighthouse. This was our first time having crab claws and they are delicious!

By evening we were back on Selma Street and had food and conversation with Katherine and her son, Daniel, who lives nearby.

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    1. Right? We learned a couple days ago that part of FG was filmed in Bayou La Batre. I didn’t realize it at the time.


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