Jen’s Journal – January 26, 2020

Day 211: Abita Brewing Company, Abita Springs, LA


Our time in Louisiana is waning. We are going south again to New Orleans to check out the Chalmette Battlefield portion of the Jean Lafitte National Historic Park.

A project for a glum day. I didn’t realize that the Battle of New Orleans had such importance. It was fought after the War of 1812 ended, but before the peace treaty was ratified. The thorough rout of the British through a sugar cane field boosted the morale, and national recognition, of the new nation. People of many backgrounds, including pirates, came together in defense of New Orleans. And settlement along the Mississippi River and the Louisiana Territory began in full bloom.

There is a national cemetery at the battlefield where Union soldiers were reinterred from other places of burial. 16,000 individuals are buried here, mostly soldiers, and many unknown.

Finding internet at a Starbucks, we played with income tax figures. It stopped raining. Then we had salads at Cracker Barrel and settled behind the restaurant for the night.

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    1. There was also a section of buried free slaves and all the stones and markings were gone. They really didn’t know who was buried where. Made me sad to think of those people buried there.


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