Jen’s Journal – January 25, 2020

Day 210: Fairview-Riverside State Park, on the Tchefuncte River, LA

Mostly sunny and mild.

This was the third time we’ve had something lifted from our campsite while we were gone.

We had left our door mat over the fire pit, along with our firewood, upon which I pinned a note asking to please leave the wood alone as we would return to the site. The mat was taken, but the firewood was left intact with the note.

This morning we noticed the mat at the base of the neighbor’s steps up to their motor home. Getting a little feisty, I walked over, knocked, and when the neighbor came to the door, I told him I would be taking our mat back.

Very sweetly and generously, he told me, “You just go ahead.” Gaaa!

So three times we’ve had things lifted, and three times we recovered them.

Thank you Barb for telling us about LA Pines in Slidell, Louisiana! They do make an awesome muffuletta! One round sandwich can feed four people. Kind of funny, you get one small bag of potato chips to go with it.

Swamp tour!

We went on a boat ride through the Honey Island Swamp! This time of year, not many living things are out. We did see a little alligator and one snake and TWO WILD PIGS! Well, sort of wild. The boat drivers give them food, so they will get close to the boats for us sorry swamp tourists!

There is an area of the swamp where several people live a subsistence lifestyle on the water. We had a little cruise there to look at their lifestyles. The captain spoke highly of these folks, and that their lives are rich for living in nature with the ones they love. I seriously get that!

Abita Brewing Company is one of the country’s largest craft brewing companies. They have lots of kinds of beer on tap, a beautiful pouring area, and garden. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves there after the swamp boat ride. They had a “Roaring 20’s” party going on tonight. Lots of people dressed up. Tom and I played some games.

Abita allowed us to park overnight in their lot. We love them.

3 thoughts on “Jen’s Journal – January 25, 2020

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  1. looks facinating!! Glad you got your may back ahahahahahahaha omg people are ridiculous! Thoose homes would definately not be my lifestyle…….snakes and water critters freak me out….the pig looked cute lol…….now the drinks and games sounds delightful, enjoy!!


  2. Yay! I’m so glad you were able to check out LA Pines! And isn’t that swamp tour fascinating? I was absolutely amazed by the wild pigs and the swamp people. Who knew?!


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