Jen’s Journal – January 24, 2020

Day 209: Fairview-Riverside State Park, on the Tchefuncte River, LA


It was a beautiful day in New Orleans. We went on a walking tour of the Garden District. It was… fine. Tours were running late because there had been a fire along one of the main roads in the Garden District. The Garden District is really quite beautiful and we saw the homes of two celebrities.

After the tour we met up with Cody, a friend I met through Kim. Cody told us of lots of cool places to have a drink, or have something to eat, in New Orleans. And we had delightful conversation for a few hours.

The cable car took us back to the Visitor Center, where we boarded Arvi for a po’boy, then the Causeway Bridge ride back to the state park campground.

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  1. ohhhhh I would love the garden district! thats is nice that he informed you of some of the better places, to eat and visit….enjoy! waiting for pics lol


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