Jen’s Journal – January 20, 2020

Day 205: Tickfaw State Park, LA

Sunny and cold.

We weren’t in a hurry to do any touring today. So we re-upped for another night at this campground and went into the town of Hammond for some Creole food and WiFi.

I just learned today that a fraudulent charge was made in September against a credit card I haven’t used in a long time. Why didn’t I know about this earlier? Since I haven’t used the card in a long time, I forgot to give them my new address. And our bills were not forwarded. This, though, can be corrected. But not today because today is a holiday.

Well, “Tomorrow is another day.”

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  1. My granddaughter works at Chili’s in Hammond! She goes to Southeastern Louisiana. My oldest daughter and her family live in Slidell. The moved there about 10 years ago after Katrina. Her husband owned an excavation company in Chelsea, MI and it went under when the housing market turned. So, he headed south to see what he could help with and they ended up moving the whole family down there. I get down there quite often and plan to get a small place there when I retire in a couple of years. Great place to spend my winters!

    I’m still loving your posts and I really look forward to them!


    1. Wow! That’s remarkable! So your daughter and son-in-law are pretty happy here? Hammond has a pretty nice little old town, we enjoyed it there. I hope we are still in touch when you retire and get a place!


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