Jen’s Journal – January 19, 2020

Day 204: Natchez Welcome Center, MS

Dear reader,

Journal entries for January 16 through January 19 may be best read in chronological order.


Sunny and cold.

The rain has moved through and a cold front has arrived. We drove out of Mississippi, for now, toward Baton Rouge and New Orleans. On the way we drove through a cute town called St. Francisville. The coffee shop there was too busy to take us for breakfast.

We stopped at the LSU Botanical Gardens. There were beautiful trails in the woods there and the cool sunshine felt great.

We then went to another plantation. I know, I wasn’t going to go to any more sad plantations. But I had been wanting to visit one of the Louisiana plantations near Baton Rouge since we learned about them at the Louisiana Welcome Center.

The Laura Plantation is different in that we learned about growing sugar cane and about the Creole people. And lots about the interesting and severe family that established the Laura Plantation.

Laura wrote memoirs of growing up there during sharecropper days.

Her memoirs were found in St. Louis, where Laura lived last.

The tour guide was using this sort of illiterate sharecropper accent. He was a great tour guide, but I sure hope he was putting on the accent.

I was glad I toured the Laura Plantation. It is full of stories.

Tonight will be cold, but I can see stars!

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  1. A beautiful plantation…. yes the stories are sad, so much history…. the cold means your getting closer to home!!! I’ve not been to New Orkeans however I know several people that have, get ready for some more great food and drinks!!


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