200 days and 24,774 miles

Today marks the 200th day on the road. Traveling in a 19′-5″ van for 200 days has been an adventure. The time and miles are flying by quickly. We started the day today with one of my favorites – an open faced egg sandwich.

People we meet along the way often ask what is our favorite place. The question is hard to answer. We really enjoy most places that we wander into. First impressions are not always correct. We found that relaxing and visiting a place improves our impression and like of a place. Rarely but once in a while we would pull into a town and think, let’s make a quick exit in the morning. Then after meeting a few locals and getting advice where to eat or what to see we end up really enjoying ourselves and then spend a few days there.

However, if I had to pick a so far favorite I would say Alaska’s Kenai peninsula.

A favorite story would be the bear story posted September 3rd.

We celebrated the 200th day with dinner of Louisiana food at the Waterfront Grill.

We had crab cakes for an appetizer and shared Catfish DeSiard for the entree.

We shared cinnamon and bourbon bread pudding desert.

We wrapped up the day as we often do by reading and eating popcorn.

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  1. We’ve got to get to Alaska, I want to go so bad, not sure if I can get T to be on the road for awhile….I would love to see bears like you guys did! the food looks delightful. I had bourbon bread pie for desert the other day at a restaurant and nom nom….enjoy kids stay safe!!


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