Jen’s Journal – January 14, 2020

Day 199: Natchitoches Walmart, LA

Rainy, wet as can be, and dark.

It gives me great pleasure to say that Tom’s gasket tightening work over Thanksgiving has paid off. Right now the air conditioner unit is not leaking water into our cabin. Yay!

We floundered around Natchitoches most of the day. It would not stop raining! We went to the famous Lasyone’s for a meat pie breakfast and to Hana for a meat pie and beer for lunch.

We drove by several buildings used in the filming of “Steel Magnolias.” We shopped for fire tongs, groceries, and “Star Wars The Last Jedi,” the latter so that we could go to a theater and watch the next episode during this week of rain.

We went to Natchitoches because it is the oldest city in Louisiana, as well as the oldest permanent settlement in the entire 1803 Louisiana Purchase!

Satisfied that we had enough meat pies, it was time to leave Natchitoches. We tried to visit the National Historic Park, Oakland Plantation, but it was closing and there was nowhere nearby to spend the night.

So we find ourselves at Gum Springs Campground in the Kisatche National Forest. Again, we are the only campers in the campground, and it’s very dark, wet and foggy outside. But we have all the good guys from Star Wars with us in Arvi and we are a million miles away.

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