Jen’s Journal – January 13, 2020

Day 198: Fullerton Campground, Kisatchie National Forest, LA

Light rain, drippy.

We walked a trail through the old sawmill here at Fullerton, in hard rain. I haven’t been to Machu Piccu, but I imagine it’s something like this sawmill. All you can see are several concrete foundation pieces low to the ground and one wall, from what was the kiln, and this piece, through the thick green growth.

We drove past Fort Polk, and now see what was making all the noise last night. My new friend Dave, who works for the US Department of Agriculture, said the army uses some of the National Forest land, and this park was once used for bombing practice in WWII.

Our plan is to drive north and check out Natchitoches (pronounced NACK uh tish), then drive west to Natchez and Vicksburg in Mississippi.

In Natchitoches we tried the local favorite, meat pies. These are a lot like our beloved pasties, but smaller and fried. They are yummy.

We noticed many people wearing purple LSU shirts, then found out the college football national championship is tonight.

We got to be part of the excitement by going out to Chili’s to watch the game. During the third quarter the satellite went out and we got hellacious rain. Soon Tom and I left and listened to the rest of the game in Arvi. We are camping at Walmart tonight.

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