Jen’s Journal – December 25, 2019

Day 179: Fredericksburg Inn, TX

Cloudy, drizzle.

I am pleased as punch with our “Christmas Hotel.”

Breakfast was free and not bad! The bacon was nice and crispy. The waffles are shaped like the state of Texas.

We’ve been relaxing in the hot tub and then watching Christmas movies. We walked about three blocks to a Christmas Day service at one of the several Lutheran churches, and downtown to the beautiful park again. It became sunny and warm.

Many of the guests are on the grounds, using the pool facilities and the outdoor fireplace. Everyone seems happy.

We had our Cracker Barrel dinners in the breakfast room. The room was beautifully lit in the evening. We had “It’s a Wonderful Life” on the TV there in the background.

I miss the kids terribly. This is our first Christmas without kids since they were born. We had no gifts to open. But we found a great way to have a wonderful time. I can’t believe how fortunate to have found Fredericksburg – a small town with a big Christmas welcome!

3 thoughts on “Jen’s Journal – December 25, 2019

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  1. That sounds like a lovely place!! and the food sounds good too….. sounds relaxing, I’m sorry you’re sad being away from your kids but you and Tom look like you’re having a beautiful time…..


  2. A friend from Texas gave us a coffee mug from Fredreicksburg gave us a mug that had trees and houses appear when the coffee was put in. So glad you enjoyed yourself. I know what you mean about not having kids around. It’s still wierd to not have Jason alround all day. He and Adaline came for 3 hours though and that was fun. Love y’all.


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