Jen’s Journal – December 26, 2019

Day 180: Fredericksburg Inn, TX

Cloudy and warm.

After our complimentary breakfast, we washed a load of clothes using the free laundry facilities.

We walked through downtown Fredericksburg again, hoping the pie shop would be open. Nope. But we found a German bakery and picked up a strudel and a couple other unique items.

Fredericksburg is a nice size German town. It’s a little like Saline, Michigan, but more upscale. I checked the prices of three homes in Fredericksburg. We could afford a small fixer-upper, but we didn’t see many fixer-uppers.

We found a campground for the next three nights between San Antonio and Austin. On our way to the campground, we saw signs for the LBJ Ranch. We had definitely planned on visiting, and since we were driving further from it, we thought we’d better “Stop the coach”* and go now.

We had two hours at the ranch and that was plenty of time. We saw where Lyndon B Johnson was born, spent one quarter of his presidency, and where he died.

We saw the Hereford cattle which are direct descendants of LBJ’s cattle. I liked watching two young bulls butting heads and the cows across the parking lot from the bulls.

I would recommend the LBJ Ranch. And it’s free! Thanks for the tip, Will!

* A quote from Disney’s “Robin Hood” movie that I frequently use.

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  1. Oh the ranch looks delightful and zi have enjoyed seeing the cattle… Fredricks Urgent looks like a great Texas town, and The bakery , wow, that is my weak spot, baked goods…. they look delish!!!


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