Jen’s Journal – December 24, 2019

Day 178: Palmetto State Park, TX

Sunny and cool.

Christmas Eve breakfast!

Then Tom tells me how he read this morning that we ate the worst breakfast possible. Who doesn’t know that?

Merry Christmas, vultures!

I’ve never seen so many roosting vultures as here in Texas, especially in this area. I learned how to distinguish black vultures from turkey vultures! I am a fan, ever since reading in National Geographic about the good that vultures do for the earth.


This might be the cutest town I’ve seen in the United States! Bustling with people walking and visiting the shops. The shops are all decorated for Christmas and there is a “Merry Christmas” banner at the entrance to town and a nativity scene in the park.

We decided to stay at a nice hotel for December 24th and 25th. The Fredericksburg Inn is perfect. It has an outdoor hot tub and pool, fireplace, tables, and a movie screen. The rooms are updated and comfortable, and not expensive. It’s actually a motel and we look over the pool yard from our room.

On our way to Fredericksburg we stopped at a Cracker Barrel and picked up two plates ‘to go’ to have for Christmas dinner. We checked which Fredericksburg restaurants are open Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and opted for the Bavarian Inn for a delicious schnitzel plate.

Then we finally got to see a couple Christmas movies!

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  1. I’ve not been there but sounds lovely… that’s a lot of vultures… the swim looks refreshing and I love the Christmas lights! Enjoy the holiday, does it feel a lot different away from the hustle and bustle?? I bet it is relaxing…


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