Jen’s Journal – December 17, 2019

Day 171: Mustang Island State Park, TX

Sunny, windy and cold.

Our plans for Corpus Christi today:



Liquor store


Laguna Reef restaurant

Light show


Overnight at Walmart when done

We didn’t make it to the liquor store and the Laguna Reef restaurant was closed. Tom got fuel and washed Arvi while I did laundry.

USS Lexington

It was nearly 3 PM when we got to the USS Lexington, so we only had two hours before they closed for the day. I thought that would be plenty of time, but we could have spent another two hours there. They have many hours of films to watch, including a very well done, large screen 3-D film. The displays covered navy flight, the attack on Pearl Harbor, life in the navy, and lots more. We seriously underestimated the time it takes to go through there. We spent the last fifteen minutes running a maze in the ship, through the mess hall, medical ward, berthing rooms, captain’s quarters, etc, etc, trying to get out by close.

I have toured two other carriers, but this was the only decommissioned ship which is now a very large museum. So there was more to see, and lots of stories. The Lexington saw a lot of action. Great attraction.

They have an Escape Room activity. After seeing how difficult it was to find the exit in a hurry, the Escape Room has to be a good challenge.


I had been wanting to see some Christmas lights, but we usually find a place to camp and settle before dark. So Tom thought today would be good to look at lights, then park at a nearby Walmart. We found Candy Cane Lane, a neighborhood that goes all out decorating. Here you park and walk a few blocks to see the lights.

A couple miles away from Candy Cane Lane, there is a house turned huge nativity scene. Santa was there.

We saw this Texas Truck on Candy Cane Lane. When driving, green lights glow from underneath the truck.

For our own Christmas, we found a tree and decorated it last week.

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  1. Your tree is adorable… that ship is huge I bet it was awesome touring it…. glad you guys got to see some Christmas lights, they are pretty… it’s been chilly here, nice during the day in the sun but at night chilly….. burrrrrrr


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