Jen’s Journal – December 7, 2019

Day 161: Chisos Basin Campground, Big Bend NP, TX

Sunny and cool.

We saw two javelina in the wild today! On our drive out of Big Bend. Also saw some pronghorns, roadrunner, quail, deer, a very large bird, and a dead coyote. No time to take pictures!

In Langtry we went to the free Judge Roy Bean center.

Since his name is so familiar to me, I’m sure I read his story before. Well my memory has been refreshed. Langtry is the first town west of the Pecos River and west of the Pecos is considered the Wild West. And Judge Roy had control in these parts! Here is the Pecos.

We got as far as Del Rio, still hugging the border, and are staying at the Amistad National Recreation Area, where the Rio Grande was dammed to make a reservoir. We just pulled in to the campground at dusk and saw our first armadillo, something looking like a javelina, and a skunk crossing our path.

It is a pleasant, cool evening. The low is expected to be in the mid 40s. Lately we have an early, waxing moon that has set by the time something wakes me up at five in the morning, leaving a glorious sky full of bright stars. This morning it was our neighbors who slept on cots

under the stars. They were out of here by five.

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