Jen’s Journal – December 3, 2019

Day 157: Davis Mountains State Park, TX

Sunny and mild.

On our way to Big Bend Ranch State Park we drove through 50 miles of this, Rio Grande on our right, Mexico beyond.

There is no border wall here. The ranger at the park said the terrain is too rough to attempt an illegal crossing here.

So we camped at one of the state park campgrounds, Grassy Banks. This campground has 16 sites and a composting toilet. We are the only ones here. We drank beers and watched the river and on across to Mexico as the sun set. It was a super beautiful evening. No one tried to swim over to the USA.

As I age I get scared of more things than I used to get scared about, like staying out in the boonies, alone.

Ok, not true. On our honeymoon we were the only campers in the Pocono Mountains and I suggested to Tom that all the locals knew about the ax murderer and that’s why no one else was there. So this may be the same. But I keep thinking of what I would do if attacked.

I read at the visitor center that these mountains are actually part of the Appalachian mountain chain. Much of the western part of the Appalachian chain has been buried, except for a portion here and in Arkansas. Huh.

There is much scat at our campsite from a ringtail (we learned about ringtail scat at the Guadalupe Mountains). I suspect the nocturnal critter won’t come around tonight.

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