Jen’s Journal – November 11, 2019

Day 135: National Forest road off 89A south of Sedona

Sunny and cool.

Six hot air balloons float high behind our campsite this morning. I consider them my happy birthday balloons.

What a wonderful day! Tom took me to Anthem, Arizona. Anthem has a veterans memorial which was dedicated on November 11, 2011, at 11:11 AM. At that time on November 11 of every year, the sun lines up with the five holes of the pillars and shines an image of the great seal of the United States on the ground.

  • We both had haircuts from Great Clips.
  • We picked up a new coffee pot from the Amazon locker in Anthem.
  • We went out for Mexican dinner in Cave Creek, Arizona. We learned about this restaurant, El Encanto, from Great Clips. It has superb food and atmosphere – a pond with tables situated around it. We watched the turtles and ducks swim around the pond while we ate.

  • I got a magnifying light to use while knitting.

We have been having trouble with the shades in Arvi. The strings are wearing out such that they are thinning in some places and thickening in others, about to break, and the shades won’t go up and down in a level manner. So this afternoon we went to three stores to look at string. Fun.

We are sitting outside under a full moon and it is very bright out for 10 PM. A good birthday indeed. And I wish to thank all of you who wished me a happy GO birthday!

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