Jen’s Journal – October 10, 2019

Day 103: Horsfall Campground, Oregon Dunes

Sunny and cool.

Today we took some time to look over our tourist info and plan which way to go next.

We started at 7 Devils Brewing in Coos Bay, Oregon. (Well, we stopped at Ace Hardware first.) We had a nice lunch there and we each had a 10 ounce beer.

We are making our way south along the Oregon Coast and loving it. We left dunes and dramatic water splashing and today we found large rocks in the water. Some had hundreds of sea lions and seals and one had a face on it.

Finding a place to camp for the night was tricky again. We drove all around the first place, a state campground, to find it was full. The second place, a BLM campground, was closed, apparently for the season.

This turned out to be fortuitous. iOverlander listed a parking lot in the city of Port Orford where the Port allows you to park overnight for $10. We have the most beautiful view out our front window of the harbor. This is a rare place where fishing boats are lifted in and out of the water by large cranes. We are looking forward to seeing that tomorrow!

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