Jen’s Journal – October 9, 2019

Day 102: Three Rivers Casino, Florence, OR

Sunny and cool.

“I don’t know, do you want to?”

And so it goes, and we say, what the heck, let’s go look at Thor’s Well, a cool water formation we saw in the Oregon Coast tourist magazine.

We drove north from Florence, Oregon to Cape Perpetua, where we could find Thor’s Well. When we got out of the RV, we thought it looked interesting and dramatic: lots of rocks and violently splashing saltwater.

Thor’s Well was cool – this round hole in the rock, maybe 50 feet in diameter, would fill when a large wave washed over it, then empty like swirling water in a toilet.

But even cooler, over to the left, was another hole with a tunnel, so that when a wave hit the tunnel right, the splashing would cause a geyser of water to go straight up. This Spouting Horn performs best at high tide, and we were there close to high tide.

One more cool place: Devil’s Churn. Waves entered a long narrow chasm and splashed and made thunderous sounds.

We drove to the top of the hill there and looked down at all the breaking and splashing waves. The sunshine gave us the “good to be alive” feeling. It was a wonderful day.

We drove south for a camping spot and had trouble finding a good spot. I got Tom to some BLM land but he would have no part of it. Then we found some camping for $10 in an area run by the US Forest Service, but of the four campgrounds here, two were $25, one was $22 and the last one was closed.

We ended up getting 50% off with our Annual Pass, but by now we were missing the sunset and I just started to cry. I had enough. Tom, who never randomly bursts into tears, sprang into action, getting me a tequila mule drink and suggesting popcorn. I had the drink and laughed. “Jen is upset! Tequila and popcorn STAT!” My sweetie cheered me up.

I shouldn’t have tried knitting tiny sweaters after that. I lost stitches several times and ripped out everything twice, then gave up. I may not be able to do this type of knitting in Arvi. The light is just not bright enough for my aging eyes.

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