Jen’s Journal – October 2, 2019

Day 95: Peninsula Golf Course, Long Beach, WA

Sunny and cold.

Since we appear to be in a tourist area, we found ourselves a bakery! We found there a new (to us) baked good called schnitten. It’s the flat one with icing.

Oh yes this is a tourist town! “World’s Longest Beach” is here!

Still in Washington, we took the long bridge back to Oregon.

The next fun thing was to see if the town of Astoria, with the largest Finnish settlement west of The Mississippi, had any pasties. Oh yeah! Bucket Bites is in fact celebrating their pastiversary this coming weekend.

We visited Fort Clatsop, Lewis and Clark National Historical Park and now I want to know more. I think I will look up the Stephen Ambrose book, “Undaunted Courage.” Lewis and Clark spent the winter south of Astoria once they reached the Pacific Ocean.

We drove south along the Oregon coast as far as Tillamook and stopped for the night. Along the way we saw a large herd of wild elk.

In Tillamook, Blue Heron French Cheese Shop allows RVs to overnight as part of the Harvest Host organization, to which we belong. We bought some fresh olives. Tomorrow we will check out Blue Heron more because they were about to close when we got there.

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