Jen’s Journal – October 1, 2019

Day 94 – Memaloose Overlook on the Columbia River, Oregon

Sunny and cold.

We traveled the Columbia Gorge and saw some waterfalls, a bridge, and a dam.

The town of Hood River has a nice city park where we walked some. We could see Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Hood from there.

Since it was sunny, we drove up Larch Mountain and hiked the 120 steps to Sherrard Point, where you can see five volcanoes: Adams, Hood,

Jefferson, St. Helens, and Rainier. The view of Jefferson wasn’t so good, as it was a long distance off and some clouds were over it. We had to locate it with binoculars before we could see it with the naked eye.

We had lunch there at Larch Mountain and drove on to Astoria. The fastest route to Astoria goes through Washington, so back to Washington and in to Oregon again we went. When we got to Astoria, we found the best deal for a camp spot was in Washington, so back to Washington we went, over the large bridge from Astoria to Chinook, WA, and we learned about the native Chinook people at the Middle Village of the Lewis and Clark National Historical Park.

We overnighted at the. Peninsula Golf Course, a member of Harvest Hosts.

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