Jen’s Journal – September 19, 2019

Day 82: Newhalem Campground, North Cascades National Park, WA

Mostly cloudy and cool.

Looking to get a good view of Mount Baker, we drove the east side of North Cascades NP per advice of the ranger at Newhalem. We only got a glimpse of a piece of the flank of the mountain when the sun popped out for a few seconds. Fail. Bad advice from the ranger, too. However, we passed Shadow of the Sentinels trail and checked it out. We didn’t find out why last century’s loggers left these few hemlocks and Douglas firs standing. But this was a cool trail through some giants.

See tiny Tommer in the picture?

Moss and moths, and a naked man

This is pacific rain forest. Almost everything is covered in moss.

There must have been a moth hatching, because the little buggers were flying all over. I wonder what eats them.

We stopped to check out Baker Lake and saw so many dead moths near the boat ramp that I thought they were fallen leaves. That’s where the naked man came in. Tom got to the edge of the lake first and looked to his left and saw the man off in the distance, possibly rising out of the water from his bath. He saw us and walked into the woods. Like I said, he was quite a ways off. I kept my binoculars down.

We made it to Seattle in time to pick up Kelsey from work and find a taco restaurant in Fremont, where her office is. Then we did some catching up with Kelsey!

Video on the Shadow of the Sentinels Trail.

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