Jen’s Journal – September 18, 2019

Day 81: Frater Lake Trailhead, Colville National Forest, WA

Rainy and cool.

We had a nice drive on Route 20 West towards Vancouver and Seattle.

Several deer, turkeys and a skunk came in the road to say “hi.” We took a paved hike at the site of a log flume in the early 1900s. I think Tom dropped a piece of black licorice, or is this a slug?

Again the terrain changed from Rocky Mountains to mostly bare hills to the Cascade Mountains. On the way we drove through the adorable town of Winthrop. All of the buildings are made of wood and are very old looking. So charming, I wanted to stop, but we were burning daylight!!

We got to what we thought was North Cascades National Park, but we were in the Wenatchee National Forest, when the scenery became incredible. Up and up into the clouds and intermittent rain we went. I could see many hillsides of fallen rock above us, and we are at the age where that stuff makes us nervous.

We came to the scenic lookout for Washington Pass, and were blown away. Through a little fog, a little rain, and a little sunshine we saw the steepest and most jagged mountains. So beautiful!

We finished the drive to the park proper and saw a beautiful lake, Diablo Lake, and found a campground in the park.

Washington Pass Overlook Video

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