Jen’s Journal – September 13, 2019

Day 76: Summit Campground, Lewis and Clark National Forest, MT

Partly sunny and cool.

The weather changes dramatically from the plains to the national park, which is on the edge of the mountains. We went from partly sunny south of Glacier NP to the East Glacier entrance so Tom could do some fishing. At 10 AM, the campground was quickly filling up. The wind was fierce and it rained before long. No fishing today.

We secured a campsite and it started raining. So we left to find a phone signal.

The great Friday the 13th huckleberry pie taste off

Yesterday Tom and I thought we should try some huckleberry pie when we saw some advertised outside a little restaurant. Today was a good day because the fishing and hiking wasn’t so good. So we went in to East Glacier to get a piece.

Then there was a problem. We saw the sign, “Voted the Best Huckleberry Pie” at “The World Famous Whistle Stop”, and a sign for “Huck Pie” at “Brownies Bakery.”

I did a reconnoiter of lunch menus at both places and reported back to Tom. He said, “Are we going to try both?”

Sounded good to me.

We also saw the pie advertised at “Three Bears Burritos.”

So we did a taste test.

I’m pretty sure the bakery supplies the burrito spot. The pie on the left, from The Whistle Stop, was more tart and fresh tasting, like maybe a homemade pie. The pie in the center, from Brownies Bakery, was more baked through and not so juicy. The pie on the right, from Three Bears Burritos, although probably also from Brownies Bakery, was a little more juicy.

The decision? Tom votes for Whistle Stop, the messy pie on the left. I’ll take any.

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