Jen’s Journal – September 12, 2019

Day 75: Avalanche Creek Campground, Glacier National Park

Cloudy, cool.

The Going To The Sun road was exciting! Instructions are that your vehicle has to be less than 21 feet long and 8 feet wide, including the rear view mirrors. Ours is 19.5 and 8, but we can fold the mirrors in if needed.

At some places we are hugging the ROCK cliff on the right and other places we are on the edge of a STEEP cliff on the right. And many places are totally FOGGED IN. And in some places vehicles who did not check the size restrictions tried to pass in narrow spots, while we we were hugging the cliff side. I think it’s more nerve wracking when you are not the driver. I reminded myself that Tom is much more safety conscious than most and it may not be the day God calls me home.

We were rewarded at Logan Pass with the most beautiful views of the fog lifting out of the pristine mountains. Now I see why Glacier National Park is such a big deal.

Although Glacier has black and brown bears, elk, moose, wolves, etc, we haven’t seen any here.

And, we haven’t seen any eagles or pink salmon in several days now! We did see a chipmunk and smell a skunk. Ah, to be “outside”* again.

We tried to stay at Two Medicine Campground on the East side of Glacier NP, but it filled up early in the afternoon. So we found a campground in the Lewis and Clark National Forest.

When we were checking out a monument outside of the campground we recognized a couple from The Netherlands we had met in Haines, AK – 1700 MILES AWAY! We both showed up at the same campground!

We ended up having a campfire with Harry and Ernie, who are taking a very similar one-year travel program as we are. They shipped their motor home from The Netherlands to Halifax and are touring the US and Canadian national parks, too! And Ernie is journaling and writing a blog for friends and family back home. I told her I would like to see her blog.

I just realized I won’t be able to read her Dutch blog. Whomp whomp.

* Alaskans refer to the lower 48 states as “outside.”

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