Jen’s Journal – September 10, 2019

Day 73: Yaak River Campground, Kootenai National Forest, MT

Cloudy, wet.

The first thing we did this morning was drive somewhere to make breakfast where there was a phone signal. Pretty soon we found a sign for Kootenai Falls. We couldn’t see the falls from the road and I started walking the trail through dark woods. No one else was around and Tom was back reading signs. Here we go again: bear fear. I went back to wait for Tom and he got the bear spray.

We ended up walking a mile or so and found some very pretty waterfalls cascading over several sections of rock.

There was also a swinging bridge which I was game to try, but Tom wouldn’t. He stayed back and inspected the bridge structure. He determined the bridge was a new structure, and when I returned from crossing the bridge, he walked a few feet on the bridge and turned around.

We met up with the in-laws of Tom’s cousin Kay, Bob and Terri, in Whitefish at the Great Northern Brewing Co., and had a wonderful conversation.

Whitefish is a beautiful little town full of restaurants and upscale shops. Gas is a dollar per gallon less around here than in Washington.

Then we headed for Glacier National Park, just a few miles away.

The first campground in the park had a FULL sign out front, although at the park entrance a sign said it was open. We decided to go back to some National Forest campground we passed earlier, as the sun is setting earlier every day and we don’t like finding a place to stay in the dark.

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