Jen’s Journal – September 9, 2019

Day 72: Roosevelt Lake Spring Canyon Campground, WA

Cloudy and warm.

I bathed in Roosevelt Lake! It’s about time I did something adventurous!

We visited Fort Spokane, which hasn’t been a fort since 1898. It does have a dubious distinction of being used to force boarding school on very young natives, who had been pushed on a nearby reservation.

The fort reminded me of Fort Wilkins in Copper Harbor, or Fort Egbert in Eagle, where there wasn’t much for the soldiers to do. These soldiers had baseball teams. Only two of the 45 original buildings still stand.

The side trip to the fort was a disappointment, but to be fair, the fort was closed for the season and we could only read interpretive signs. Perhaps during the active season they have soldiers in period dress marching or shooting guns, or civilians in period dress carding wool or making soap.

We passed through the Idaho panhandle and stopped at Yaak River Campground in Montana. It became an hour later.

In 2016 I visited Alabama, the 50th state I’ve been in. But afterwards I couldn’t pinpoint the time I was in Idaho. Now I’ve been there for sure.

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