Jen’s Journal – September 6, 2019

Day 69: AMHS Kennicott, Inside Passage

Sunny and warm.

The AMHS Ferry System

On the ferry all day. We are allowed to go to our vehicles per the schedule, every four to six hours. We get sleeping bags in the evening and return them to Arvi in the morning. Most people go to their vehicles to let their dogs out. There is an open floor area and the dogs relieve themselves there, then their owners clean up the mess with paper towels supplied by the ship.

We’ve been on four different ships now. They all have different layouts.

The Columbia has a decent dining room, almost as nice as a cruise ship, but the other ships we were on have a cafeteria and a short order cook. All boats have daily food specials and their prices are very reasonable. You are not allowed to tip. The staffs have been very friendly.

The ships have various cabins, from tiny room, thin mattress, to slightly larger with toilet and shower.

There are lots of seating and various decks to walk on and children’s play areas. Some rooms have tables and chairs and puzzles and games available. We’ve seen theaters on all the ships and they show family friendly movies.

We chose not to pay for a cabin and found some booths with long benches and couches to sleep on. Other people pitch tents on designated decks and camp.

The captain announces wildlife sightings and sometimes slows down for good viewings. Today we saw sea lions, dolphins and whales, and of course birds and ducks.

I considered the ferry experience very positive.

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