Jen’s Journal – September 7, 2019

Day 70: Bellingham, WA

Cloudy and cool.


From the ferry we went straight to Kelsey and Greg’s house in Seattle to take showers and get our mail. Traffic was bustling around the neighborhood.

We couldn’t park Arvi in front of the house because tree branches hang too low. Someone tried to park partially in front of the driveway while I was standing in it, waiting for Tom to go around the block again. So much traffic!

Tom got panicky but found a parking spot up the hill. Two more drivers partially blocked the driveway. Fun. Since Kelsey and Greg were out of town, we visited Molly the cat, took our showers and left.

We visited our young friends Jessie and Brian and had lunch and did our laundry at their house. Jessie and Brian shared their knowledge of Washington East of Seattle and sent us on our way, prepared with routes, homegrown white grapes and herbs.

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