Jen’s Journal – July 27, 2019

Day 28: Anderson, AK

Rainy. I made BLUEBERRY SCONES from the wild blueberries we picked Thursday. I had to try a couple tricks and they came out dee-licious.

We also did a couple modifications to Arvi. We installed a paper towel holder, toothbrush and toothpaste cup, and put snaps on the blackout curtains.

Tom figured out how to get the water heater working, but is not sure which of the two changes he made did the trick. Arvi is getting better all the time.

We went to 49th State Brewing Company near Denali. I liked their food better than I liked their beers. It is a great and popular place.

We visited the Denali Visitors Center and drove the 15 miles that they allow cars to go. Saw a BULL MOOSE cross RIGHT IN FRONT of Arvi!!! He looked at us while he was chewing leaves and we were stopped. Then he walked along Arvi’s bumper to the other side of the street. What a beautiful animal. Too bad the windshield was glaring and buggy.

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