Jen’s Journal – July 19, 2019

Day 20: West Fork Campground, AK

Partly sunny and warm.

We tried it! Made SCONES in Arvi! We baked 4 and put 4 unbaked in the freezer, for another day. The cherry chocolate chip scones baked perfectly! We gave a warm scone to Klaus and I think we are best friends now.

On our way to Tok, we had just passed Chicken and decided to turn around and go to Eagle. The drive was white knuckle for both of us. We drove 125 miles of the Taylor Highway, a dirt road through mountains, around curves with serious drops on either side of the road. Pretty, though. One moose was munching along the roadside and another crossed right in front of us.

We also got a good look at a porcupine and several ruffed grouse.

When we got to Eagle, that was a treat, too. Bo at Telegraph Hill Services sold us diesel on a 1954 gas pump that didn’t register the real price. He had to get a calculator to figure out what 16 gallons at $4.40 cost. He also shared his strong views on guns and politics.

Eagle feels like the end of the world. It is the last outpost on the Taylor Highway and ends on the Yukon River. It was another gold mining town around 1900 that didn’t last very long. I was happy to see the Yukon again and the beautiful views.

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