Jen’s Journal – July 18, 2019

Day 19: Walter Fork Campground, AK

Sunny and warm.

Well this was a talking day. We only traveled 33 miles, but had meaningful conversations with:

(1) The campground host at Walter Fork, who knows of Laura from Saline who skied a cross-country race here in Alaska

(2) Steve from Cook County, Illinois, who had a way cool pop up sleeper on top of his Jeep, and his company paid him to go to Winnipeg to visit a customer who needed some help, and is going to pan for gold today,

(3) Robin at the Chicken, AK, post office, whose Austrian Shepherd is a good bear dog, and,

(4) Klaus, the camp host at West Fork Campground who wanted to live in the USA because they have too many rules in Germany, and his 16-year old Corgi, Jessica.

This is our campsite at Walter Fork, bug spray and bear spray at the ready:

A worthwhile day. We got some birthday cards in the mail and had Häagen-Dazs ice cream bars.

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