Jen’s Journal – July 10, 2019

Day 11: Banff National Park

Raining and cool.

Today’s goal: Drive the Icefields Parkway

We set out in a cloudy drizzle. We’ve seen a few glaciers already, but this drive was something else. We were on the Wilcox Pass, about 1.25 miles high, and home to six or so glaciers in the clouds. These mountains were awesome, even with their peaks stretched beyond where we could see, into the rain clouds. Many mountains here are over 10,000 ft high.

We saw some uber cool waterfalls, which swirled in canyons with great ferocity.

We spent the night at the overflow campground called Snaring in Jasper National Park.

We met a guy from Quebec who has the same RV as us. He bought it about the same time as we did for about the same reasons. We compared notes for a long time and got some great ideas for making small modifications to Arvi.

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