Jen’s Journal – July 11, 2019

Day 12: Snaring Overflow Campground, Jasper National Park

Cloudy and cool.

We left the campground and headed

“North to Alaska”

(See song by Johnny Horton. I heard it as a kid and it keeps popping into my head. I played it from Amazon Music for Tom.)

We took the route out of Jasper to the Northeast. A sign described the route as the scenic drive to Alaska.

Well before we left Jasper, we saw two beautiful Caribou, with large fuzzy antlers, along the roadside. Up the scenic drive to Alaska we saw a juvenile caribou. And then, not that much further up the road, a big black bear crossed the road in front of us!! Our bear photos weren’t so good, but our dash cam (rigged from an old iPhone) caught the whole thing!!

We bought groceries in Grande Prairie and moved on over the British Columbia border to Dawson Creek.

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