Jen’s Journal – July 9, 2019

Day 10: Banff National Park

Got up early to go see Lake Louise and Moraine Lake while we could still park near them. While driving the Trans Canadian Highway saw a WOLF on a rocky slope, trotting along the edge of the water as we were driving along!

Later I saw what I’m pretty sure was a grizzly amongst some immature trees.

We ended up at Moraine Lake first and how gorgeous was it! A deep blue surrounded by mountains and a glacier or two thrown in for good measure.

Since it was now mid-morning, there wasn’t a chance of us getting a parking spot at Lake Louise, so we took the shuttle bus. So did everyone else. We waited 1 1/2 hours to get on a darn school bus. At least the weather was nice, and we were told the wait would be two hours! Although Lake Louise is probably the prettiest lake in the world – it basically has a stage setting with mountains on three sides, the one in the center is glacier and snow covered and you approach it from the flat audience side – Tom got creeped out by so many people. We enjoyed a long sack lunch on a bench with the lake for a view and the sounds of a couple getting married right behind us.

Late in the day, we took a somewhat treacherous hike to the fox-shaped Peyto Lake, and were rewarded with this view.

We drove along until we found a campground, still in Banff, that takes no reservations. Hardly anyone was there yet. This turned out to be our coolest campsite yet: we have a rushing river on our campsite and we are surrounded by glorious mountains.

Right now the sun has set behind a big pointy mountain and behind it are pinks and blues and a few clouds in the sky.

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