Jen’s Journal – July 8, 2019

Day 9: Banff National Park

Sunny and warm.

Glorious day in Banff. We did the things the brochure suggested we do:

Upper Hot Springs – used to be real sulphur springs with touted healing powers, but the springs wouldn’t flow some winters, so they constructed a large shallow pool that is heated to 104°. It still felt good, and the toe I may have broken feels better. (I had taped it to the nextdoor toe)

Cascades of Time Garden – beautiful, well tended, mostly annuals. It started to rain while we were walking there so we fought a couple mosquitoes under the gazebo.

Hike to Bow Falls – a walk along the rapids to the falls. Now this was gorgeous, and fun.

Hike to Cave and Basin National Historic Site – this is the place that Canadian National Parks began. Some guys found some sulfur springs in the late 1800s, and the government had no way to give them a deed for sulphur springs. So the government paid them a settlement and kept the land and turned it into their first park.

Later, we had beer and wings at Banff St. Brewing and flautas and modelo outdoors at a Mexican restaurant. At the brewery we had a nice chat with some native Albertans who confirmed the open container story. Then one of the guys challenged us to find a more beautiful road than the road from Lake Louise to Jasper National Park. Challenge accepted!

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