Jen’s Journal – July 2, 2019

Day 3: Neys Provincial Park, ON

Cloudy and cool, with mosquitoes.

Lake Superior: Large Lovely Lonely

Nice hike to Rainbow Falls, where we had our lunch at a picnic table.

Visited Thunder Bay, Ontario. Saw a couple strange islands that were both industrial and marsh restoration habitat, kind of weird.

We pulled into Minnesota this afternoon. The difference I see between the Canadian shore of Lake Superior and the US shore is, the Canadian shore is more rocky and hilly, and you don’t get close to the water very often. There aren’t very many small towns. The Minnesota shore is dotted with small towns that are right on the lake. I think this is what we thought we would see in Canada. Since we didn’t see very many towns, we buzzed through the Canadian shoreline pretty quickly. 

We had to surrender many of our fruits and vegetables at the US border. Even though we purchased them in the US, they had been exposed to Canadian bugs, I guess. Probably another silly US law?

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