Heading to Lapland

Sleeping on the night train from Turku to Oulu was fruitless. little sleeping was accomplished by all of us. We napped the next afternoon. I think it would have been better to take the day train. I think there is an express train.

A bonus was we stopped in Tampere for 3 hrs and got off to walk the town. Even at 1am it was very nice to visit that city.


This is a very well done archeological/museum site of Finns of the Stone Age.

there are fun things for kids and adults to do.

Making a flint necklace

Stone Age Dress


Rovaniemi is very quiet this time of year. I think the tourists season must be in the winter.

At midnight Jen and I had an anniversary kiss at a “Metal” bar (Pahu Kurki). The music there was great.

Paha Kurki

Of course we went to Santa’s Village (Joulupukin Pajakylä).

Breakfast at Cafe & Bar 21 is wonderful. The Flying Reindeer waffle is something. This place is highly recommend.

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  1. Arvi, I return here again, because I now noticed that there is the Word Trekking with Your name. I You do not mind, I give You information about the area where hiked. We spent one week in Muonio and drove here and to many more places around.

    North of the Arctic Circle 3

    So, forgive me, please.


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