Turku-Naantali-day 6

Turku is a busy town that at one time was the capital city of Finland.

There is a castle in Turku that is more like a large residential palace than a defensive structure.

Here is a photo inside the castle courtyard.

Turku Castle

Another notable structural in town is the church.

Turku Church

This church is really interesting. I don’t know if common in other churches of Finland however in this one there are over 4500 people buried under it and there are sections of the church sold to families to be used as family crypts.

The river front area is the place to socialize. We enjoyed walking along the river and eating at the restaurants. There are many to choose from along the river.

The old and new museum (Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova) is very interesting. It is the ruins of a buries part of the city and is an active archeological cite. It’s children friendly. It gives you very good insight in what life was like in the early days of Turku.


Driving through the Archipelago clockwise from Turku to Naantali took us on several ferries and through picturesque countryside.

We arrive in Naantali the same time as the Finnish President. The small town was bustling however we managed to find a nice place to eat at the waterfront.

Naantali Waterfront.

Like a lot of small towns that we’ve been to this one also has an old large church (built 1797). We did not get into this one since they were about to have a concert by an cello quartet that plays heavy metal music. Hmmm

Naantali Church

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  1. Hello Arvi.

    Sounds great to take few days easy. Because I got the information that You are in Jyväskylä, I remembered that there is open yet few weeks ice cave in Leppävirta. I present tomorrow my post about it; I think that You will drive the road number 23 at least to Varkaus. From Varkaus, You could continue about 20 km. Making a return trip Varkaus-Leppävirta Varkaus is not so big, but consider to visit this:



    I suggest that You never heard about Moomins, but they are Finnish imaginary creatures. Now they have also in Japan own park. If You never have seen ice carvings, this is just for You. You can say at reception desk, that You got the idea to visit ice cave from me Matti.

    I do not know, if You have already made a lake cruise, but You should. You can make them in Koli, Savonlinna, Lappeenranta and in Jyväskylä also.

    Anyway, if You will stop in Varkaus, then visit this awesome museum:

    Mechanical Music Museum

    Happy stays in Finland,

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  2. That’s great. Depending on Your route You missed Finland most awesome sightseeing. I could have given some information, if I could have known Your possible route in advance.

    When seeing this, it stops every car driver passing them

    Dancing scarecrows

    If You continue south of Kajaani to Koli, then You can see our most beautiful national park. I have been there many times in my life and always it amazes me with its beauty. Look at how my wife is making Youga on the hilltop of Koli:

    Yoga on the peak of the hill of Koli

    From Koli, You can make a lake cruise on Pielinen. From Koli You should continue to Heinävesi via Joensuu, where is our unique Monastery. Absolutely worth for a visit; food is good there also. From Monastery, continue to Varkaus, where is one of the world’s biggest mechanical music museum.

    Well, these are some suggestions and You decide, but I wanted to tell You about these, because they are absolutely worth of visit. Of curse I have posts and plenty of photos about these places, I entioned.

    Still saying this, if any questions, ask me.

    Happy and safe road trips!


  3. Okay. I wanted to give You some ideas about visiting our Lakeland area just for Your convenience. Here is the text:

    There are few towns which offer some cool surprises. Mikkeli is beautiful. We lived there about four years. It offers three experiences. Cruises to the

    Cruise to Rock paintings

    Visit in Mikkeli the quarter called Emola:

    Summer arrived in Mikkeli

    Visiting Kenkävero in Mikkeli is must:

    Flowering shoes

    From Mikkeli You can drive to Lappeenranta via Puumala. The road is a little bit longer, but worth to drive:

    Pistohiekka – Scenery
    Puumala’s marina

    Lappeenranta is place where You should make a lake cruise. Its sand sculptures are normally gorgeous.

    Sand sculptures 2016

    There is one small town, which You must visit – Savonlinna, please. There is our pride, old historic castle called Olavinlinna.

    Medieval castle of Olavinlinna

    These were some tips for Your visit. BTW, if You want to know more about towns in Finland. Then choose the main page of my blog and scroll down looking the right sidebar. There is list of towns which I have presented. Every link includes one or more posts. When seeing my photos, You can get a good idea about selecting towns for Your visit. Test.

    I forgot from my list world’s biggest wooden Church, my favorite travel target, nearby to summer town Savonlinna:

    World’s biggest wooden church

    You can ask me any question and I try to find the answer!!!

    Happy and safe travels!


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