Cambridge to Helsinki

Lobster Roll at Charlie’s Kitchen in Cambridge

The sandwich was delicious just the way I like them. My son Dan would have wanted more lobster and less veggie and mayo.

The Graduate

Travel To Helsinki

Parked Arvi our Roadtrek 2018 SS Agile in a storage lot for a couple weeks while we head to Finland. A shout out to Kim’s awesome friend Tiffany for getting us to RV storage and safely to the airport. Tiffany is an angel.

Norwegian Air

While trying to check in online it was discovered that we booked two sets of outgoing tickets. It’s surprising the airline didn’t flag it as an issue. Yay Kim for getting that fixed.

Helsinki-day 1 & 2

We hit some of my cousin Joanne’s recommendations in Helsinki. We booked a walking tour that took us to the hot spots. Jonna the guide is a Helsinki native. she speaks five languages well (Finnish, Swedish, English, Portuguese and Spanish). The tour was relaxed with a lot of walking. Jonna was full of great ideas of where to get a 5 Euro beer or a 10 Euro beer. Nice to speak to a local for a half of day.

We are going to Tallinn today. The weather is great.

Tallinn Estonia-day 3

Travel from Helsinki to Tallinn was on the Tallink ferry. The ferry boat was surprisingly smooth. It seems to have everything you need to travel and was more like a cruise ship than a ferry.

The old city section of Tallinn is very charming, clean, and an easy walking city since everything is close together. The sidewalks and cobblestone streets are somewhat uneven so pay attention to every step.

Food and drinks are reasonably priced. We often paid less than 4 euro for a beer.

There are many places to eat in the old town. We had wonderful traditional Estonian food at Restaurant Vanaema Juures (Grandma’s Place).

Suomenlinna to Porvoo-day 4

The island fortress off the shores of Helsinki is a nice day trip with a lot of walking. Access is via the Helsinki public transportation system (HSL). There a many places to eat on the island. The fortress is very nice and well preserved. They have an excellent war museum on the island. We lucked out to be there on Museum Day. Access to the museums were free. The movie at the main museum is worth the time.

updates coming

Porvoo- day 5

Porvoo is one of the oldest cities (village) in Finland with most of the building made of wood. It reminds me of a New England fishing village. This is a very quiet historical town. We arrived in the evening and had the streets to ourselves. There was almost no one in sight. However, the restaurants were full. The service is very laid back. We spend the night in a B&B just outside of town. The town center was full the next morning almost like a cruise ship arrived. After a nice breakfast at Tee- ja kahvihuone Helmi we headed off in to Turku.

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  1. Very nice. There are few towns which offer some cool surprises. Mikkeli is beautiful. We lived there about four years. It offers three experiences. Cruises to the

    Cruise to Rock paintings

    Visit the quarter called Emola:

    Summer arrived in Mikkeli

    Visiting Kenkävero in Mikkeli is must:

    Airing national costumes1

    From Mikkeli You can drive to Lappeenranta via Puumala. The road is a little bit longer, but worth to drive:

    Pistohiekka – Scenery
    Puumala’s marina

    Lappeenranta is place where You should make a lake cruise. Its sand sculptures are normally gorgeous.

    Sand sculptures 2016

    There is one small town, which You must visit – Savonlinna. There is our pride, old historic castle called Olavinlinna.

    Medieval castle of Olavinlinna

    These were some tips for Your visit. BTW, if You want to know more about towns with photos in Finland. Then choose the main page of my blog and scroll down looking the right sidebar.

    Travels in Finland and abroad by Sartenada

    There are lists of towns which I have presented. Every link includes one or more posts. When seeing my photos, You can get a good idea about selecting towns for Your possible visit. Test.

    Happy and safe travels!


  2. Welcome to Finland! I am glad that You visited my country which is unknown to so many. Generally, people do not know for example that in mid-summer we have white nights in the north. When cruising on some of our lakes on board of old historic steam ships, the experience is awesome. In winter we build every winter world’s biggest snow castle, have reindeer rides and even free reindeer races open for everybody. There are much more which I cannot tell here in few words.

    Hiring a guise is a great idea. I read that Jonna speaks Finnish, Swedish, English, Portuguese and Spanish. It is normal, because I speak all these languages and French also and I am 75 years old. I am normal person living in Helsinki, but I know more than those professionals about my Helsinki. To prove it I show two of my posts presenting “Unknown” Helsinki.

    Unknown Helsinki 1

    Unknown Helsinki 2

    I am curious to know where You will continue Your trip in Finland. When looking at my about-me-page You will get more ideas to travel in Finland. I have been nearly everywhere. Believe it, but being old, I have had time to explore my country from the south to the north and from the east to the west.

    About me

    Happy and safe travels!

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