Roadtrek Generator Pully Bolt Broken

While at the dealer the bolt holding the idler pulley for the serpentine belt that drives the accessories and the under hood generator broke off in the engine block.

This happened on the -22 degree morning when the dealer started the rig to pull it in the shop to work on the defective solar charging system.  The dealer and I both think that the super cold weather had something to do with it breaking. 

The dealer called me asking if he should proceed with the repair given that Roadtrek went bankrupt and is no longer authorizing warranty repairs.  I said to press on with the repair.  The rig is not drivable with that belt not driving the accessories.

We spoke after a couple days and the idler pulley is now repaired and the rig is drivable. Now to press on with the solar system work.  The dealer is unsure if they can fix it without support from Roadtrek.  He needed a few days to look into what is involved.

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