Off to Cambridge to attend our daughter Kim's graduation. Kim's friend, Brett, helped drive from Cambridge to Michigan. Kim is letting Allie use her car. Arvi, our Roadtrek SS Agile, had a "reduce oil level" warning. It came on half way through the trip after a few hundred miles. The light went off when we... Continue Reading →

The Solar Is Back Up Charging

The Solar stopped working on our second time using our 2018 SS Agile.  We took it to a local dealer for warranty repair.  While at the dealer RT went out of business and the dealer said that without RT support they could not repair the unit.  So I picked it up to do the repair... Continue Reading →

Oh No A 4th Defect In My SS Agile

The dealer working on the solar system called yesterday with some bad news.   When the technician pulled Arvi into the garage to work on it he heard a rattling noise under the hood.  Investigating he found the idler pulley for the belt running the underhood generator system that Roadtrek installed was loose.  The attachment... Continue Reading →

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