Unplanned Downsizing

Jen was reading posts on the neighborhood social site and read a post from a family who was looking for a house just like our house. When I came home she said “Tom I think these people want our house”.

A few emails back and forth and a couple tours of the house and it was sold.  Just like that.

Now what?   We need a place to live.

We were not planning this sale.  It came out of the blue.

The downsizing started with many trips to the Salvation Army Goodwill.

Craigslist sales worked well. I haven’t counted but we sold 30 or so things on Craigslist. The largest item was our bedroom set.  It sold quickly. I think it was a deal. The person who bought it was very happy. Most things for sale on Craigslist were layed out in the garage.  That worked great like a garage sale. Often someone who came to by an item advertised on Craigslist found other items for sale that they bought. I also gave many things away to someone who bought someting.


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