Jen’s Journal – April 21, 2020

Day 297: Bokeelia, FL

Sunny, breezy, warm.

There is a wonderful cool north breeze this morning!

Just after lunch we went for a boat ride. We had to stop at the marina to fill the two gas tanks. The gas pump at the marina was self-serve. It was pretty easy to get the tanks out of the boat, fill them without touching them, sanitize hands, then put the tanks back in the boat. Then Tom donned a mask and went inside to pay. He sanitized his hands again and we were on our way.

One boater was finishing up paying for his fuel when we arrived, and another boater showed up as we were getting ready to leave. I think midday Tuesday was a good time to go to the marina, as we didn’t have to deal with getting close to anybody, except in the shop to pay.

We beached at the spot where we saw several horseshoe crabs Saturday. This time there was only one crab, moving around in the water. Plus several tiny white crabs in the water. I waded around and watched the tiny crabs, and some minnows which were interested in my feet.

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