Jen’s Journal – March 29, 2020

Day 274: Bokeelia, FL

Partly sunny and hot.


On December 8th I journaled about going to church with six other people in the building. Today there were two of us in the building. We participated in online church with the folks at St Luke at home in Ann Arbor. What moved me was the thought that, instead of the cluster of people in a building singing and praying together, people scattered all over the country, as far as Florida, are praying out loud together. I think that’s pretty cool.

I really liked the service. Music may have been nice, but they are working things out still. The service only lasted a half hour and we sat and watched and drank our coffee. Afterwards we had some fresh baked toffee pecan scones.

Knitted another tiny sweater.

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    1. Agree. Imagine if we didn’t have the Internet at this time! Tom and I were talking about that yesterday, we would all be listening to the radio. Of course we could probably make phone calls…


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