Jen’s Journal – March 26, 2020

Day 271: Bokeelia, FL

Sunny and hot.

Arvi Checklist

We developed a rhyming checklist to help us remember everything that needs to be done before we drive Arvi down the road. It’s pretty easy to leave a cabinet undone, or something on the ground when we pull away from the site:

Windows and latches

Switches and hatches

Thermometer, drawers

Heater and cord


Yes, this little poem was created from experience. The sink drain refers to making sure the sink drain plug is closed so that odors do not come back up from the gray tank. Death Cabinet refers to a large heavy basket of food, mostly cans, that we keep in the cabinet that doesn’t latch very well. If we forget to lock that cabinet, the basket tumbles out of the door and cracks, cans get dented, and we both simultaneously yell, S***!!!!!

Ooh, I found where Tom hid the summer sausage! But see all the tape on the basket!

Anyway, since we are not camping and leaving campsites regularly, we sometimes forget to go through our list. This happened Saturday, when we drove to DeBary to pick up the boat. We like to leave the thermometer sensor for outside temperature on the step, where hopefully we will remember it. Well, we didn’t. We have no idea where it went off to, but the reading now says 94°.

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