Jen’s Journal – March 21, 2020

Day 266: Bokeelia, FL

Sunny and hot.

Took our morning walk to the pier, and to the bridge to Bokeelia. We bought breakfast at Capt’n Con’s “curbside service” and ate at a picnic table set up in their parking lot on the water. Best omelette and hash browns ever!

After talking to Ray’s family, we figure we can stay in Bokeelia for at least another week. So we drove to DeBary to get the fishing boat out of storage and take it back to Bokeelia and explore the waterways there.

We are camping in DeBary for the night.

The traffic on the roads is very light. There was only one rest area open on our stretch of I-4 and there were a few people using the facilities there. This reminds me of Zombieland. Just a few of us rogues out on the road. But in this case, we can’t tell who the dangerous ones are.

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