Jen’s Journal – March 19, 2020

Day 264: Bokeelia, FL

Sunny, breezy and hot.

Our odyssey of visiting the natural and historical sites of the United States has ended. It is now an odyssey of traveling in an RV and making it home to Michigan one day during the largest crisis of our lifetimes. No more touring.

Today we managed to stay out of buildings with strangers in them. We did plenty of walking and passed plenty of people, but kept a good distance. We enjoyed walking to the pier and seeing fish jump and later this evening, we suspect we saw some seals swimming around. Maybe they were dolphins, I don’t know. We also saw a hammerhead shark today. It is so peaceful on this island.

The weather gets pretty humid late in the day. Thankfully, the temperature cools down then.

We will remain in Ray’s driveway in Bokeelia for the time being. We are considering driving to DeBary to pick up our boat and explore the vast and varied waterways around Fort Myers. It depends on how long we are able to stay in Bokeelia. We have enough food for about a week.

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