Jen’s Journal – 02222020

Day 238: Geronimo St, Miramar Beach, FL

Sunny and cold.

Time to push on. We’ve seen a Mardi Gras parade now, and we may be making pests of ourselves with Joe and Gay. One final breakfast cooked by Joe and we were off.

We traced the path we took three days ago through Mexico Beach and Panama City, all the way to Cash Creek. Mexico Beach looks beautiful here, all fixed up from the hurricane.

This time all three campsites at Cash Creek were full. We drove on for about an hour down many back roads, puddles, and seemingly weak bridges and finally found another campground at Hickory Landing in the Apalachicola National Forest. Cost: $1.50 with our Annual National Parks Pass. It got dark within minutes of our parking and we settled down with popcorn and a movie.

7 thoughts on “Jen’s Journal – 02222020

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  1. I know my parents would never say you were pests! We really enjoyed seeing you guys and were so glad it worked out to be in the same location!


  2. Mexico beach looks wonderful….sorry your not feeling good again…….hope you guys get some warmth, sun, and are soon feeling better..


  3. Well how many floats were there? Was there a fire breathing dragon? You were so close to Mobile!
    I’m glad you saw something. I read your later posts and am sorry to hear you now have a cold.


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