Jen’s Journal – January 23, 2020

Day 208: Fairview-Riverside State Park, on the Tchefuncte River, LA


The World War II Museum in New Orleans is a great way to spend a rainy day. We were there until closing time and could have stayed longer. The stories and the humanity of our American “Civilian Soldiers“ is told well. See the movie! It’s the story of WWII told in 50 minutes in 4D, narrated by Tom Hanks.

(photo taken yesterday)

We took the red tour bus to the museum and back from the Visitor Center. It only costs $5 to park there at the Visitor Center.

Yesterday we noticed two RVs parked over more than one parking spot. We wondered if they paid for more than one spot. When we returned to Arvi later in the day, one of the RVs had a boot on its wheel, waiting for someone to free it.

We had problems of our own yesterday. If Tom does not exit the driver door, we will not get a bell tone when the lights are left on. Usually we are keen to the lights, but a dead battery was bound to happen. Yesterday the battery was dead when we got to Arvi. While Tom was on the phone trying to obtain roadside assistance, I walked to the Visitor Center to see if I might get some help. On the way, I found a nice couple returning to their car who had jumper cables and they helped us out. Actually they made our day!

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  1. we will definitely watch, sounds good….sorry to hear about the battery but nice to know there are still nice people willing to go out of their way to help others…


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