Jen’s Journal – January 22, 2020

Day 207: Fairview-Riverside State Park, on the Tchefuncte River, LA

Cloudy and cold.

New Orleans

We drove the 24-mile causeway bridge across Lake Pontchartrain. I didn’t like it.

In New Orleans, we used the double decker tour bus to get acquainted with the city. I think this is a great thing to do if you’ve never been to the city before. We explored the French Quarter and around the rest of downtown.

Back in October, while we were in Oregon admiring the beautiful Pacific coast, a building under construction collapsed in New Orleans, killing three workers. The building still stands in its collapsed state. It is an eyesore to the city. The bodies of two of the workers remain trapped in the ruins. The citizens are furious about the situation. What a mess.

Other than that terrible situation, the city is lively and really has a personality all its own. The place is full of history, ghost stories and the like. A great place to visit.

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    1. They are supposed to implode the building in March. It doesn’t sound like they intend to recover remains of the two workers prior to demolition.


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